-Drain hard to avoid deformation. 

 -Dry the swimsuit or bikini in the dryer or on the radiator.

 -Iron the bath clothes. 

 -Use fabric softener or detergent, it can damage the fabric.

 -Soak the swimsuit or bikini in vinegar. 

 -Leave the bikini or swimsuit wrinkled and wet in a bag.-Let the bikini dry in the sun. 

 -If you have to wash in the washing machine urgently, do not put the washing machine at a temperature higher than 30º.


 -Contact with sun cream. These products produce stains that are very difficult to remove. 

 -Contact with rough surfaces that can damage the bikini's fabric, pattern or embroidery. (Pool edges, rocks, slides ... etc)

-Places like Spas or Saunas. If you really like your bikini or swimsuit, we recommend that you do not wear it to these types of places. Chemicals are applied in these places for the continuous maintenance of the waters. These products cause the swimwear to deteriorate very quickly.